Bizen ware is put in the kiln unglazed, but due to the effects of the 8 to 20-day pine wood firing, reaching temperatures of approximately 1250℃ (2282 F°), becomes naturally glazed with pine ash or acquires various sudued colors. At its best, the form is forceful and has some feeling of mass without being stiff or unnatural. There is a feeling of spontaneity and the product is not at all showy. Bizen ware is simple and unassuming in form but has a noble quality. The clay is very beautiful just as dug from the rice paddy and the best pieces are made and fired so as to accentuate the beauty of that clay.

The quiet atmosphere and subdued colors perfectly compliment brightly colored flowers and food enticing the user to create a harmonious arrangement. Water preserving qualities allow flowers to last longer in Bizen vases; beer attains a wonderfully full head in Bizen cups.

The color and texture of Bizen ware improve when handled. When used daily, the user can take pleasure in its increasing beauty. In this way even a small and simple article will, with time, become a treasured object.

Bizen ware process