Because Bizen ware uses no glaze it takes many days to fire. The features of each piece will be different depending on the temperature of the kiln, the amount of embers and ash produced, and path of the fire of the kiln.
Bizen ware is valued for its deep aesthec charm, but also remains utilitarian. It doesn’t crack or break easily. It is said to improve the taste of water and preserve its freshness. For this reason, it has been used as a practical daily utensil.
Bizen ware has fine irregularities on its surface, so when used as a beer cup, the head of the beer lasts longer than in other wares. When used as a vase, flowers also last longer. The surface of Bizen ware contains fine pores that help purify water, keeping it fresher and longer.
The fine pores and the iron content of the cray retain the temperature of the hot tea, as well as the coolness of cold drinks like beer.
The color of Bizen ware changes as it’s used over time, making it beautiful utensil, forever adapting to one’s life.
For this reason, Bizen ware should by all means be used, and its charm enjoyed in daily life.

Bizen ware process